Master your family habits !

Organize, Instruct, Unite.

The no-screen habit tracker that supports your family life.


A Simple Family Planner

Our Habit Tracker offers a simple, coherent, and no-screen solution for all of your organisational needs. Everything from helping you establish great daily routines, tracking weekly activities, and managing the chores.


Master self-discipline

Implementing strong routines at home will help you and your children become competent and learn the importance of self-discipline in your respective lives.


Unite as a Family

Following the habits of our family and each member makes us more attentive to our shared and individual needs. As a parent, you will get closer to your children to help them grow up with strong foundations.

Tools for Family Life

We pair the habit tracker with the other planners of our Family Time Planners Suite to help us build a strong and healthy home.

Flexible and intuitive, it adapts to your needs and goals, inviting both the young and the old to participate.

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