The most frustrating part of being curious is not being able to remember everything you have learned. At it's most advanced level of use, the "Family Time" lays the foundation for your own memory palace. The Person-Action-Object (PAO) system works by building associations to the historical figures featured in the Calendar. This enhances the educational experience and makes it easier to remember important figures and their contributions in various fields. By utilizing the memory palace method, users can create vivid mental associations between their own lives and the influential figures who shaped the world, fostering a more meaningful and lasting learning experience.

This has been inspired by the educational methoids used in oral cultures around the world, both living historical. This approach facilitates a deeper understanding of the interconnected nature of personal experiences and the broader context of human history.

The "Family Time" Memory Palace has been built on top of the Time-Management tool. A key advantage of having all these functions integrated into a memory palace is the ability to remember one's own life events, schedules, tasks, and chores alongside the wealth of scientific knowledge presented.


The Memory Palace Technique

The memory palace technique is an ancient method of improving memory by connecting information with vivid mental images and placing them in an imagined and structured world. This powerful method allows large amounts of information to be stored in an organized manner, making it easier to recall when needed.

Our tools are designed to serve as the foundation of your own memory palace. Our tools use the memory palace technique to integrate planning, learning experiences, habits, tasks and events, both small and life-changing. This contributes to improved organization, deeper learning and stronger connections to the world around us. This memory palace is one that you can inhabit with countless others, inviting them to participate and share knowledge, memories and shared aspirations for the future.

The "Family Time" is made so that you can have a memory palace for short-term memory and for long-term memory.

The Weekly Schedule

Remember your Schedule

Any sequenced information can be used as a foundation for a memory palace. The weekly schedule uses two sequences, the alphabet and the week on top of each other as the basic sequence.

A bestiary is an ancient medieval memory technique where each letter of the alphabet is associated with a creature, creating a catalog of beasts, real and mythical. Our weekly schedule includes a bestiary which can be used as a memory palace to remember the week's activities and shopping lists.

Weekly Schedule

The Yearly Planner

Remembering Everything You Learn

The PAO system is a mnemonic technique that combines three distinct components - Person, Action and Object - to create memorable mental images. Now you will memorize all 364 people on the historical timeline. Don't feel like you have to memorize them all at once. Decide on a tempo that suits you, your Calendar will be with you for years!

To use this system effectively with the "Family Time", it is interesting to study historical figures and add information to your stories as you go. Incorporate storytelling techniques to make these mental images even more memorable, using grotesque, fun, violent, and shocking elements to improve memorization. As surprising as it may be, your story should be grotesque, even shocking, with strong emotions, vivid images. It's time to have an unlimited imagination!

The Historical Timeline

The Lifetime Planner

Remember your Life Stories

Thanks to the inclusion of every family members lifeline within the Memory Palace, you will be able to to remember the life Stories of those you love the most.

Get those stories down on the Life Journey today.

The Life Journey Planner