Organize, Instruct, Unite

The Planner Suite that support your family life.

The Family Time Box is a non-digital tool that simplifies your family logistics, enriches home instruction, saves you time, and unites your family.

Flexible and intuitive, it adapts to your needs and goals, inviting both the young and the old to participate.

How it Works

Analog product

A No-Screen Solution

We feel it is very important to have tools that do not rely on screens to get the job done. Our products are meant to be tangible, handled and most importantly seen.

This ensures that our tools are available also to the smallest children in the household.

The Activity Cards

Easy and Customizable

Over 500 customisable activity cards, all beautifully illustrated with unique illustrations,adapted for every age.

This ensures that your family will have the activites and festivites you need, because no two familes are alike.

The Cards

The Wall Posters

Simple designs to organise your life

The Cards are fixed on our cardboard wall posters, with putty or glue.

Extensive User guide

Easy to Set-Up

The Family Time comes with a detailed user guide in a wide range of articles in online user guide. This guide is based on our experiences, research and methodologies which lead to the development of this tool.

It provides step-by-step instructions and tips on how to maximize the use of every planner, tracker, and card, ensuring your family gets the most out of the Family Time.

User Guide

The Kitchen Wall Planners

The Daily Timeline

Designed for both children and adults, it helps us keep track of our routines and to make the room for our daily habits. Inspired by the Montessori educational approach, this tool allows everyone to internalize their time and daily rythm.

The Routine Planner

The Habit Tracker

Make our days better

We pair the routines planner with the Habit tracker to help us build strong and healthy habits for every family member. We use this to teach the children to make their own bed every day to get their daily star, as well as for tracking and building our own healthier habits.

The Habit Tracker

the weekly timeline

The Mnemonic Family Planner

We communicate our schedules with the Weekly Planners. Everyone in the family have their own schedule placed on the fridge.

With the incorporation of a mnemonic bestiary it's not just an organizer—it's a way to make planning more engaging and a tool to aid in cognitive development.

The Weekly Schedule

The Family Memorial Wall

We know that a tree requires deep roots to give fruits. In the same way a deep connection with the world helps our children lead fruitful lives.

The Yearly timeline

The Visual Yearly Calendar

Based upon the Montessori approach, this wall mounted calendar allows everyone in the family visualise the year.

The activity cards allows us to create a visual representation of every activity, road trip or event of the year, and at the end of the year, the calendar transforms into the frame for our yearly family album.

The Yearly Calendar

The Biomes

Explore the Landscapes of the Northern Hemisphere

The Yearly Calendar also includes illustrations of all the major biomes of the northern hemisphere, from the Tundra of the North to the warm coastlines of the mediterranean. serving us as an invitation to explore the lands we live in through the seasons.

The Human timeline

The Visual Life Journey

The Life journey is a simple yet surprisingly powerful tool that promotes introspection and family interaction.

The Lifeline brings us together as a family. It is a tool that helps our children exchange life stories with their parents and grandparents. It promotes the sharing of those unique life stories among all our family members.

The Lifetime Planner

The Historical Timeline

Learn from History

Our planner presents historical characters from different eras, providing insights into human history and cultural development.

Every day of the year has an assigned historical character, which is a daily invitation to learn something new.

This simple display lays the foundation for education in our home.

Our Ancestors

The memory Palace

Remember What You Learn

The Family Time integration of the memory palace technique elevates its value as a comprehensive learning and organization tool. By functioning as the basis of a memory palace, it provides users with a powerful method for retaining learned material and managing their daily lives.

The Person-Action-Object (PAO) system is expertly woven into the historical characters featured within the planner, enhancing the educational experience and making it easier for users to remember important figures and their contributions to various fields.

The Memory Palace Technique

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