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Welcome to Merlinstruction, founded by Solveig and Pierre-Emil, a Franco-Swedish couple with two children. Together we design educational tools for the home, inspired by the Montessori approach, advances in cognitive science, history and our own experience.

Our vision is simple : "Inspire a world where families are guided by the past, thrive in the present, and build a better future." We strive to equip parents like us with non-digital tools that simplify family logistics, enrich home instruction, and most importantly, unite families.

Tools for Family Life

Our goal is to simplify our family life, by allowing us to manage multiple objectives and different responsabilities at the same time. Therefor we design multifunctional, non-digital, tools that integrate and stack several functions into a harmonious whole, allowing us to do more with less.

Our flagship product, the Family Time suite integrates time and project management, instruction and the creation and sharing of the family's story.

Organize Time

An Integrated Family Time-Management Tool

In the whirlwind of daily life, managing work, household chores, and finances; family responsibilities often feel like navigating a battlefield. During times like this it is important to remember that causes and solutions are structural, not personal. It was easier for us to change how we managed time and chores than than to change our partner. With the rigth tools and methods we found the time.

The tools are the Weekly Schedule and the Yearly Calendar.

Organize Learning

An Integrated Syllabus

My wife and I are both curious self-learners and one of our most important family projects has been to transmit this curiosity to our children. Therefore we are dedicated fans of the Montessori method which encourages self-guided learning.

However there is a balance to strike between self-guided exploration and a structured Syllabus, we still need to ensure a comprehensive eduation to our children.

Inspired by the education provided in oral cultures around the world, we have built a framework of open invitation to explore the life stories of our shared ancestors.

This is done through the Historical Timeline which doubles as the foundations of the Memory Palace.

Organize Life

Foster Sharing and Participation

To live together is to share in each others stories. The Family Time encourages our family to come together and have passionate and rich discussions about our lives, our ancestors, and our stories.

Our children crave this sense of belonging and this deep connection to their identity.

Inspired by the Dakota Indians Winter count, we have designed the unique Life Journey tool to help us achieve this for our family.

Another important way we support the shared story of our family, is through the yearly transformation of the Yearly Calendar into our yearly family album.

Explore the Family Time

About us

We are Solveig & Pierre-Emil, the founders of Merlinstruction.

Our story started with becoming parents and stepping into the bewildering maze of responsibilities that came with it.

To manage our own family life, the logistics, the instruction and education of our children, we decided to create something of our own, a system that would address our needs and possibly those of other parents facing similar challenges. The result was the Family Time.

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