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We are Solveig and Pierre-Emil, the founders of Merlinstruction. As parents of two children, we are committed to creating a family life that promotes their self-discipline, autonomy and well-being.

Without a doubt, it is the the multi-cultural, Franco-Swedish nature of our family that has lead to this passionate adventure. Transmitting a deep appreciation for their own culture to our children is important to us, because we know that a tree gives more fruits if it has deep roots, and we want our children to live fruitful lives. We know this is a challenge shared with many parents.

This melting pot of commitments lead to the creation of tools to support our daily life at home, tools accessible to adults and children alike, and most importantly; tools that allow everyone to participate and connect with each other.

Merlinstruction and the Family Time Suite are the fulfillment of a deeply humanist vision. With all our humility, we wish to inspire a world where families are guided by the past, prosper in the present, and build a better future.

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