Family Time

Organize, Instruct, Unite.

The no-screen planner suite that support your family life.


A Fun Family Schedule

Family Time offers a single, coherent, no-screen solution for all of your planning needs. Everything from helping you establish great daily routines, planning the weekly activities and managing the household chores.


A Complete Syllabus

Our educational approach is based around the systems used to teach among oral cultures all over the world.

By rooting our instruction in our history we become both knowledgable and rooted in our own culture.


Unite as a Family

All of our tools in this set aim to help you create a shared vision of the time you share together, but none of them will bring you as closer as the Life Journey tool.

This unique approach is inspired by the Dakota Indian winter count, and will give you a huge push towards creating moments of true intimacy.

Tools for Family Life

Our goal is to simplify our family life, by allowing us to manage multiple objectives and different responsabilities at the same time. Therefor we design multifunctional, non-digital, tools that integrate and stack several functions into a harmonious whole, allowing us to do more with less.

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