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Family Time-The Planners Suite

Family Time-The Planners Suite

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Family Time is a comprehensive toolset designed to support your family. It includes:

  • Individual Routine Tracker (5 copies) : Helps each person keep track of their daily routines.
  • Individual Weekly Planner (5 copies) : Aids in weekly planning and coordination for each family member.
  • Habit Tracker Model: Supports each family member in building and monitoring their personal habits.
  • Annual Calendar: Features a timeline of Western civilization, from Sumerian times to the present, blending planning with educational elements.
  • Lifeline: Serves as a tool for personal reflection and for sharing life stories from grandparents and parents to children.
  • Activity Cards: Provides a fun and engaging way for all family members, young and old, to participate in and enjoy Family Time.
  • The blog also offers tips on maximizing the benefits of Family Time.

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Merlinstruction, the creator of Family Time, emphasizes the importance of providing a structured family environment for children. This includes loving and educating them properly, being proud of them, and being present in their lives, guiding them to become adults with true and good values. Family Time provides tools to organize, educate, and unite your family.

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