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Everyday Family Life

Everyday Family Life

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The Family Basic Planners set are a comprehensive, beautifully illustrated 3-in-1 solution designed to simplify your family life, establish healthy routines and encourage participation from all members of the household. This set includes three essential elements, all based on handy activity cards:

  • Individual Routine (from 1 and a half years): The Individual Routine is a valuable tool to help each member of your family establish personal and family routines. With the included activity cards, it becomes easy to visualize your day, your tasks and develop your positive habits.
  • Individual Weekly Planner (from 2 and a half years old): The Individual Weekly Planner, incorporating a bestiar, allows members of your family to organize your activities, indicate your appointments and distribute your tasks.
  • Habit Tracker (from 2 and a half years): The Habit Tracker allows you to track and improve your personal habits. Whether it's making the bed, exercising regularly or other goals, you visualize your results and those of your child.

These essential tools are a great way to help your child learn about time, encourage communication with each other and learn independence, responsibility and self-discipline. Your Set will naturally find its place in the kitchen.

Build a strong and lasting foundation to your family and transform the management of your daily life into a harmonious experience that unites your family.

Our Basic Planners go well with our Wall Calendar incorporating a timeline of Western history. The set allows your family a clear and fun visualization of your family life, holidays, events, activities and our ancestors, creating a decorative and magical space.

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