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Family Life Chronicles

Family Life Chronicles

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Discover the richness of your family history through our Intergenerational Lifeline Planner, a creation inspired by the tradition of the Dakota Indians.

Comprised of 13 beautifully illustrated posters, each stage of life, from birth to death, is evocatively represented. Our specially designed activity cards for this planner invite you to visualize your past, celebrate milestone moments and chart your future aspirations.
Our Intergenerational Lifeline creates a powerful bond between generations by honoring the past, celebrating the present and building for the future. It's much more than just a planner, it's a precious heirloom that you create as a family, a story that unfolds over time, a source of inspiration for generations to come.

Give your family the gift of history, connection and transmission with our Intergenerational Lifeline Planner. Personalize it with your family photos!

Our Lifeline goes well with our Wall Calendar. Being the same size, the whole thing creates a decorative and magical space to root and visualize your family spirit with your children.

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