Make Every Week Memorable!

We got tired of forgetting important tasks and to struggle to communicate our family's busy schedules, so we made a weekly schedule for everyone inte the family.

Our Weekly Schedule is designed to allow everyone, young and old to easily plan their own shedule and to learn the basics of time management and we assign the household chores .

By placing the activity cards on the beasts, we create a fun and memorable pland for everyone.

The Weekly Schedule

We use this simple wall schedule to decorate our family's fridge and keep track of everyone's schedule.

The beasts are not only decorative, but serve a mnenomic purpose.

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Weekly Schedule

Remember Appointments

We remember appointments as well as help our smaller children to situate themselves in time, we have ready made cards for most appointments.

We have cards for everyone from the handyman, to the dentist, doctor, hairdresser, school, work meetings, all the way to family reunions, birthday and more.

This way, everyone knows about upcoming appointments, which facilitates communication and planning.

Household Chores

Assign Chores

Instead of arguing about why the house is messy, we plan all chores and assign a person.

We think it is important to assign age-appropriate tasks to each member of the household so that everyone participates in the household.

For us, this has promoted a sense of responsibility and shared contribution to the household among all family members and helps us avoids all those nasty arguments.

Almost all household chores will be found among the cards.

Schedule Homework

Reach Academic Success

To Schedule the children's homework assignments on the weekly shcedule helps them visualize their academic responsibilities and to allocate time for each subject. as wellas allow us parents to keep track of how they are doing.

This visual approach teaches the importance of time management and organization for academic success. Most school subjects are to be found among the cards.

Fun Family Time

Creating the Moments We Want

We think it is important to ensure the schedule also includes fun family activities such as games, excursions, crafts and outings, creating a balance between work, chores, and leisure time. This encourages the family to bond and create lasting memories together, emphasizing the importance of quality time.

The Mnemonic Beastiary

Unlike any other planner, ours incorporates a unique Bestiary Memory System. The Beastiary method was used during the middle ages to helps scholars memorise entire books by associating chapters and passages with a plethora of fantastical creatures.

Each day of the week is divided into four slots, each represented by a creature or object. This visual and imaginative system not only ensures you remember your schedule but also makes planning a fun and engaging activity for the whole family. This stimulates the imagination, enhances memory and builds storytelling skills.

Sunday Morning

A is for Albatross

The first spot in the Bestiary is Sunday Morning, where we have an Albatross for A. The Albatross should be visualised in a way that makes you remember the scheduled activity.

Sunday Forenoon

B is for Bison

Sunday Forenoon the Bison is weeding the vegetable garden with his horns.

Sunday Afternoon

C is for Cobra

Sunday Afternoon leisure time is a Cobra sunbathing in a reclingin chair.

Sunday Evening

D is for Dragon

We will remember our Sunday Evening Family Movie Night by imagining a Fire-breathing Dragon making the popcorn.

The Yearly Calendar

The Weekly Schedule integrates with the Yearly Calendar which has been designed to hold items more suited for a longer timeframe than a week.

For instance Holidays, trips and even yearly Chores such as Spring cleaning and paying Taxes.

The Yearly Calendar