Showing our life stories

The Life Journey tool was inspired by the Dakota Indians Winter count. It is simple yet suprisingly powerful tool to connect our family, to show the life stories of everyone and to allow us to project our goals and plans far into the future.

Everyone has their life line, even the little ones! You personalize your line by using the cards and if you wish by adding your photos.

With regular reviews and updates, your planner remains a current, living record of your family's unique journey.

A Record of the Past

The first use of the Life Journey tool is to build a visual record of the past, accessible to everyone in the family.

Where have you been?

Fill in Your Life events

Using the cards, everyone in the family can build the story of their important life events.
Events such as school changes, education, first love, driver's license, moving house, marriage, arrival of children, death and everything else that life has thrown at us.

Doing the effort to fill in the gaps, helped us bring our old memories back to life, for a very emotional experience.

What can you tell?

Share Your Life Stories

The Lifeline was developed to facilitate the transmission of stories and life lessons, so essential to grow! It doesn't matter if household members are no longer at home. Each time you return, you will be able to come back to it, complete it and tell it again.

Keep in mind that the life stories of all family members are now placed inside the shared memory palace.

The Memory Palace

A Vision of the Future

Our journey doesn't stop at the present. The Life journey encourages us to look forward, to envision our aspirations and goals.

Where are you Going?

Visualise your Goal

What does our future hold?
The mural is a powerful way to reflect on and plan for our future as well as share and communcate our plans.

Whether it's becoming debt-free, buying a house, or welcoming a child, our planner helps us see and map our path towards these milestones.

This long term visualization has shown itself to be especially useful for Adolescents, who often have life-changing decisions to make but who foften have difficutlies projecting themselves that far into the future.

Change your future today

Revisit Your Routines

With our future goals in mind, we have made it easy to return to our Daily and Weekly Routines to make adjustments that align with our objectives. For example we want to buy a house, which encouraged us to add budgeting as a weekly routine.

The Weekly Schedule

A Shared Journey, A Unified Future

Our Family Time's Life journey isn't just a tool—it's a tradition. It fosters open communication, promotes shared understanding, and empowers every family member to contribute to a shared, meaningful future. By engaging in this practice, we have nurtured a deeper comprehension of each other's values, goals, and life journeys.

Take the first step in mapping your life's journey together with the Family Time's Lifetime Planner—your guide to a shared past, a mindful present, and a unified future.