Support consistency and self-discipline for older ones with our Routine Planner

Support consistency and self-discipline for older ones with our Routine Planner

For adults, the Routine Planner transforms daily events into moments of mindfulness. It provides a clear vision of the regular and repetitive events of the upcoming day, reducing stress and increasing the ability to keep pace with one's partner, who also has their Routine Planner.

The Routine Planner for older children and adults serves as a visual representation. By honestly depicting your daily activities, you can assess your current habits and determine if they align with the lifestyle you desire. By setting up your Routine Planner in conjunction with your partner, you enhance your complicity and the feeling of mutual support. By reviewing the day's schedule, the couple can identify unaddressed areas of tension, where one or the other's needs have not been recognized, or where there is a coordination issue.

Selection and Placement of Activity Cards

Everyone has their own Routine Planner.

STEP 1: Reflect on your daily activities and choose those appropriate to represent your current routine.

STEP 2: Arrange the cards in order on your Routine Planner, creating a visual timeline of your day.

STEP 3: Step back and evaluate the routine you have created, considering whether it aligns with your goals, aspirations, and time.

Tips for Organizing and Personalizing the Routine Planner

Be honest with yourself when selecting cards, as an accurate representation of your current routine is crucial for self-improvement. Do you really enjoy this activity? Yes or no. If not, is it still important to you?

We recommend allowing yourself to play with the arrangement of the cards between the Weekly Planner. For example, you may prefer that some of the cards stay in your Weekly Planner if they occur 3 times in the week. But if you have a routine every morning or evening, like stretching or meditating, you might prefer to have it placed on your Routine Planner poster and free up space in your Weekly Planner for other cards.

Routine Tracking and Evolution

The Routine Planner is not static; it evolves with you. Tracking routines creates a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement, enhancing self-confidence and the ability to adapt to life’s inevitable changes. By succeeding in cooperating together on daily family life, the Routine Planner strengthens the family spirit by creating a positive dynamic within the household.

In summary, Merlinstruction's Routine Planner is not just a task organizer; it is a daily companion that promises a calmer and more controlled family environment. By weaving the threads of time with intention, each family can create its own tapestry of moments lived with serenity and joy.

Achieve Your Goals by Integrating Your Habits

The Routine Planner is used in parallel with the Weekly Planner and Habit Tracker. The Routine Planner helps you maintain the pillars of your daily life, while incorporating your habits, such as reading, exercising, taking out the trash, or taking your medication morning, noon, and night.

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