The Poster

Visualise Each Day

The Routine Planner is a planner for your daily life. Developed for children and adults alike, it helps to understand and follow our daily routines. Inspired by the Montessori pedagogical approach, this tool allows children to internalize time, their daily activities and to develop self-discipline.

The Cards

Visualise the Daily Routines

To start using the routines poster, choose the appropriate cards from the activity cards, which includes various activities such as eating breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed and going to school for children but also adult habits and routines like reading the news or meditating.

Placing the Cards

Assume ownership

Select the cards representing the routines of the day and place them on the Routine. This excersise encourages a sense of ownership and understanding of daily routines.

The flexibility of the tool also allows the cards to be placed in other rooms of the house to encourage your child's independence. For example, place only bathroom on the Routine, then in the bathroom paste "brushing teeth", "going to the toilet", "pajamas", etc to help small children set up a night time routine.

As an adult, I have a list of routines placed on my desktop monitor to help me have more productive days.

Age-appropriate Chores

Teach Responsability

The Activity Cards package contains chores appropriate for all ages. This is an easy and visual way to teach our children to make their bed, tidy their room or set the table as a daily habit.

We also think it is important to allow our children to choose fun activities as well: the card itself matters less than the pleasure our children take in organizing their own time.

Reach your goals

Turn Routines into Habits

The Habit Tracker is there to help us change our daily routines and develop better habits. We also use it to encourage our children to perform daily chores such as making the bed, with a prize if they manage to fill out the entire month.

The Habit Tracker