The Habit Tracker

"Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement" - Clear

To build better habits has been both a challenge and a key to develop not only as individuals, but also to build a healthy household.

Our Habit tracker is a very simple layout which allows us to track three habits at a time. To not try to change to much at the same time, we designed the habit tracker for 3 habits.

Whether it's exercising more, learning the guitar or or building a reading habit, the Habit Tracker makes our progress visible and increases our motivation.

We also left a line for each day to allow us to microjournal

Daily Chores

Teach Responsability

From 2-3 years old, we support our children in learning self-discipline by giving them age-appriate responsibilities. When makes their bed or taking thier vitamin D every day, our children are proud to see their progress and see themselves grow. We reward their efforts with a star every day and a family activity at the end of the series.

Building good habits

Break bad habits

Regardless if we try to avoid something, to add something new, that daily motivation to add that cross on the tracker, does help us to stay motivated.

The Trackers

Track your life

We have also added space two additional subjects representing other aspects of your life you'd like to track daily, such as mood, water intake, screen time, exercise, sleep quality or menstrual cycle. Place them at the top of the poster.

Weekly plannig

Set aside the time

Some things should not be done every day, nor is it possible to do them without setting a side a specific time to do so.

The Weekly Schedule