Activity Cards for young and old!

As diverse and unique as each family, our cards offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to personalize your Family Time experience. Get ready to dive into a colorful and exciting journey with your family and navigate through the daily adventures of life with the cheerful flair of comic strips and the practicality of smart design.

The Daily Habits

The Small Things

We have created numerous cards to be used either in the Routine Planner specifically aimed at children or the daily habits we all try to adopt. Habits such as writing a journal, meditation, exercise and others.

The Habit Tracker

Weekly Schedule

Schedule the Household Chores

The Family Time comes with cards for most household chores which thanks to our simple system is easily assigned to the right member of the household, at the right time.

The Weekly Shedule

Weekly Schedule

The Family Time for School and work

As we run a family business, we also use our Weekly Schedule to plan our workweek. We have planned cards to inform the partner and the children when I am at work and when I am working from home, and other key moments of my professional life.

We have also included all school subjects, allowing our children to track their school schedule and homework, and help parents to follow their schedule.

The Weekly Schedule

The Weekly Schedule

Keep Track of Everyone's Activites and Schedule

We offer a wide variety of activites, appointments and general reminders which allows every family memeber to have a visual Weekly Schedule.

The Weekly Schedule

The Holidays

Celebrations for the Entire Year

The Family Time is more than just a tool, it is a tradition. As we want to encourage our users to celebrate their traditions we have included numerous holidays, christian, public and traditional as well as celebrations from other cultures are Included.

And we have not forgot your birthday.

The Yearly Calendar

Life Events

The Story of Your Life

To help you visualize the important events in life, those events that tell the your life story, we have included cards such as the birth of child, buying a new home, graduation and many more.

The Life Journey

The Yearly Planner

Visualise the Life You Want.

We have also included numerous cards for fun family activites such as mushroom picking, museum visits, going to the swimming pool or family game night.

The Yearly Calendar