Merlinstruction, the company that supports family life

Merlinstruction, the company that supports family life

Supporting the family in the long term
Since we became parents, we have committed to providing our family with a consistent and healthy environment, in line with our values. To manage our household, we used a variety of private and professional, individual and shared organizational tools, but they did not meet our needs. None of them helped us come together and support the family framework by including and adapting to all members, from the youngest to the oldest, the most autonomous to the most vulnerable. Where was the guide?

By merging the organizational and educational tools used at home, we invented what we like to call "Family Time". "Family Time" is inspired by the teaching methods of both current and historical oral cultures. In a single tool, we managed to include our 3 needs: family logistics, home instruction, and connecting to one's community through the sharing of stories.

Available in 5 non-digital formats, they are easily used by both children and adults, encouraging and facilitating communication and participation of all family members. The “Family Time” system is flexible, adaptable, and customizable, incorporating various levels of usage.

An Integrated Tool for Managing Family Time

The 5 components of “Family Time” box – the Habit Tracker, the Daily Planner, the Weekly Planner, the Annual Calendar, and the Lifeline – provide everyone with a visualization of their individual and collective time:
- supporting the learning of autonomy and sense of responsibility with the management of tasks and responsibilities,
- facilitating communication about individual and family activities,
- visualizing important events in family life and encouraging the sharing of stories.

Organizing home education, even while working full-time

The Annual Calendar of “Family Time” offers an essential basis for self-directed learning and supporting your children's schooling. By nurturing their curiosity, we want our children to grow up in reality, in contact with the beauty of the natural, human, and cultural world.

We have developed an annual wall calendar that integrates varied information for easy learning. In addition to planning the year, the Calendar encourages the discovery of Western history, invites exploration of the biomes of the northern hemisphere, and establishes your memory palace to memorize all information in fantastic stories. Constantly visible, this tool cultivates the curiosity of both older and younger members: who is today’s ancestor? What animals live in the tundra in winter?

Organizing Your Family Life to Encourage Connections and Participation

For once, organizing is not a means to meet family performance, but rather a need for connection and sharing among us. With the visualization of 5 time scales, “Family Time” aims to connect us to our common history. Made of life stories and family histories, History with a capital H is the result of this rich mosaic of shared experiences that unites and roots generations. Our children thirst for this connection and the feeling of belonging to this common history.
“Family Time” is also a tool to facilitate the transmission of stories from parents, grandparents, and ancestors to the younger generations, who will learn from them, and vice versa... !

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