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Discover the 5 tools of the Family Time box

With Family Time, we assume that being a parent doesn't come naturally, nor do human interactions, successful projects, habit formation, or a serene family life. Everything is learned, and we need support to create and maintain a loving, secure, and supportive environment for each family member. And nothing beats beautiful, tangible, cardboard tools, real and displayed on the wall with putty!

We wanted a box that provides the essential basis for the family. Let's take a tour of the supports included in the box:

  • Activity cards
  • A Routine Planner for each person
  • A Weekly Planner for each person
  • A Habit Tracker for each person
  • An Annual Calendar
  • A Lifetime Planner

The activity cards, beautifully illustrated, are designed to be used by both adults and children, thus adapting to each individual's level of autonomy. Their intuitive use on all supports facilitates integration into the family routine. They allow all family members to actively participate in family life.

The activity cards are designed to enrich the experience with the various supports of the Family Time box. They provide unmatched flexibility allowing customization of the use of the box's supports, but also freely at key places in the house. They cover various aspects of daily and family life, including daily habits, household chores, school and professional activities, special events, and public and religious holidays, thereby facilitating planning, tracking, and communication within the family.


The Routine Panner, inspired by Montessori philosophy, provides a tangible and visual method to help family members structure and follow their daily routines. It addresses a major challenge for children: accompanying them in learning routines and their follow-up. For adults, it allows them to better visualize their daily life, combining their personal routines with those of the family.

The Routine Planner allows a clear visualization of the day's progress. It enables both parents to follow an established routine and communicated, and to accompany their children in learning theirs. For children, it helps them find their bearings in time and understand the order of events, thus promoting their confidence and autonomy. Moreover, it acts as an intermediary in situations that can quickly become tense, such as when it's time to put on pajamas. Autonomy is encouraged, as through the routine tracker, the parent's order becomes rather an encouragement to decide for oneself. By concretizing everyday situations through the routine tracker, you create windows of dialogue with your child where the support helps you empower your child.


The Habit Tracker, in complementarity with the Routine Tracker and the Weekly Planner, forms an effective trio to encourage self-discipline and daily and weekly organization within the family. It allows parents and children to trace and visualize daily habits. Earning a daily star motivates children to accomplish tasks, such as making their bed in the morning, while for parents, it offers a clear vision of regularity in routines. In coordination with the Routine Tracker for the daily and the Weekly Planner for a weekly view, it helps to integrate and follow habits in a coherent manner, contributing to a harmonious and organized family time management.


The Weekly Planner aims to facilitate the communication of each family member's schedules, using a mnemonic bestiary to make planning more engaging. A frequent concern in families is disorganization due to poor communication. With the Weekly Planner, each person's activities are clearly visible, reducing misunderstandings. Moreover, planning can be perceived as boring, especially for children. The mnemonic bestiary makes this task more playful and engaging, thus encouraging all members to actively participate in family organization, which can contribute to better harmony and time management within the family.

The Weekly Planner, in addition to facilitating the communication of schedules, helps children to project themselves into the week, to integrate notions of time, and to express their desires through activity cards. These cards encourage communication about personal preferences while promoting the initiative to propose activities. Thus, the Weekly Planner proves to be a valuable tool not only for organization but also for exchange and expression of each person's desires and needs, enriching family planning and strengthening cohesion and harmony within the family.


The Annual Calendar, enriched with an illustrated chronological frieze, offers a global visualization of activities, holidays, trips, and events of the year while integrating a memory palace. It helps to remedy the forgetting of important dates and to balance the distribution of activities over the year, thus minimizing overload. The beautiful illustrations and the possibility of customization with photos make the calendar engaging. Parents can thus help children to project themselves in time. The whole can be stored in a family album binder, where the calendar posters coexist with the photos of the year, creating a precious family memory and saving time!

The historical chronology is designed as an invitation to embark on a fascinating journey through the historical eras of the West, allowing us to delve into the rich tapestry of the history of our civilizations. Exploring these epochs, we gain valuable insights into the cultural, social, and political contexts that have shaped Europe and our world. Each day, discover with your family a new ancestor who has had a significant impact on the course of history. Your dinner conversations will be all the richer and more amusing!

The Lifetime Planner is a tool designed to encourage introspection and interaction within the family around the sharing of life stories. A common problem in family life can be the lack of communication about the lived experiences of parents or grandparents, which are not thought necessary to share. Yet our children have so much to learn from our first days at school, our relationships, our difficulties, our projects, our joys and disappointments, as these are precious life lessons for them. The Lifetime Planner offers a space to express and share these life stories, with the help of activity cards, but also with your own photos. By using the Lifetime Planner to share and discuss experiences, family members can develop a better understanding and empathy for each other, thus strengthening family bonds.

With each use of the Family Time tools, a precious page of your family history is drawn. These moments, vibrant with emotions, weave unbreakable bonds in joy and cheerfulness, magnified by the warm colors of the tools. They are not just simple tools, but companions on your family journey, capturing laughter, learning, and shared love. Each interaction is a celebration of your unique adventure together, strengthening the precious fabric of your family unity, and making your daily life extraordinarily special. The Family Time is not just a simple box, it is the cradle of precious memories that are cherished forever.

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