Empower your family life with our activity cards

Empower your family life with our activity cards

The activity cards in the Family Time box are designed to integrate seamlessly into family life, accessible to everyone, from the youngest to the adults, from the less autonomous to the more independent. The style of the illustrations has been carefully chosen so that it appeals to both children and adults. Thus, the supports and activity cards not only beautify your home but are also useful in supporting your family life.

The simple images allow children to understand and quickly make them their own. They can interact with them from the moment they discover them. Then, the title of the card serves to name the image, but also to encourage your child to read when they have acquired the skill, and finally to support you in home education.

The cards invite each family member to contribute equitably to daily domestic life, thereby promoting active participation and a sense of belonging. With intuitive use, these cards allow for effective visualization and structuring of time. Each card personifies the uniqueness of family life, thus reflecting the diversity and uniqueness of each household.

Presentation of the Cards

Several charming Suns are at your disposal to help you navigate through the different time scales of the supports: the daily routine with the Routine Planner, the Habit Tracker, the Weekly Planner, the Annual Calendar, and the Lifeline. While the supports offer a global visualization, the Suns serve as temporal landmarks for the whole family, promoting exchange and dialogue.

The emblematic card featuring the blackbird from Merlinstruction serves as a playful reminder for family moments, routine checks, or readjustments of planned activities.

You can flexibly affix these cards - with putty for changeable events or glue for permanent milestones like those of the Lifeline.

The card categories adapt to the different aspects of family life:

  • Vehicle, education and school, places, and sports activities cards encourage exploration and learning.
  • Household chores and responsibilities cards promote autonomy and participation of everyone in the maintenance of the home.
  • Food, outings, and work cards help plan meals, leisure, and professional commitments.
  • Personal care and hygiene, holidays and saints, as well as people cards, are reminders of personal care, traditions, and important relationships.

Using the Cards In your box, you will find a selection of cards for general use, adult life, teenage and child life, categorized. Some of them are generic, others are for very specific situations.

STEP 1: Take the time to look at the cards to get an idea of your life and needs. Discussing them with your family encourages participation and the enjoyment of using the supports and ask yourself the importance of a particular card for your family life. We have designed the cards so that everyone can engage in the Family Time adventure.

STEP 2: Sort out the cards you will use frequently, those you will use occasionally, and those you will use more rarely. Plan to have small bags, envelopes, or boxes to keep them sorted and easily accessible.

STEP 3: Among these cards, sort them according to your supports: the cards that will be used for your Routine and that of your child, your Weekly Planner, your Annual Calendar, and your Lifeline.

When you have planned your supports, you might have some important cards left that you want to keep in your visual field. We advise you to stick them next to your support, in a visible corner, so that they remind you of certain activities or future tasks.

For example: you might want to keep the “Have a Drink” card nearby, it might not be a daily activity, but perhaps weekly, and in that case, it's nice to have it there to remind you to go out and see friends. Or, the “Take out the Trash” card, or “Water the Plants”, you might not know exactly when you'll need them, but frequently enough to be visible.

Some cards are generic to facilitate comfort and customization. Thus, there are cards like “Personal Hygiene,” “Brush Teeth,” “Comb Hair,” “Take a Shower,” “Go to the Toilet.” To declutter your child's Routine, you can, for example, stick “Personal Hygiene” on their Routine and find all the other bathroom cards in the bathroom itself.

If your children are young, around under 5 years old, we recommend you choose the cards yourself that they will need for their Routine Planner and for their Weekly Planner for children at least 3 years old. Once you have made the selection, present them and let your child discover and describe them.

Activity cards also function as reminders anywhere in your house. The refrigerator to remind you of an appointment or to take your medication, the front door for taking out the trash, or the computer screen to remind you to go for a walk, or in your child's room to remind them to have a glass of water and go to the toilet before going to bed, are all excellent places to hang important reminders for yourself or others.

By carefully selecting and placing the activity cards on your planners, you not only emphasize the importance of quality time and shared memories, but also a sense of commitment and anticipation for these future events.

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